Shuly Nathan
שולי נתן

Shuly Nathan

Famous Israeli singer / songwriter
Most famous song: Jerusalem of Gold by Naomi Shemer

Since she first electrified Israel with her heartfelt rendition of the then unknown song, 
Jerusalem of Gold, Shuly Nathan has sung of the hope and the pain of the nation.

Ever since that historic performance in 1967, Shuly Nathan has performed for countless audiences, 
in Israel and worldwide. Her unique voice holds the listeners in its spell, 
and every performance turns into a spontaneous sing-along.

A storyteller, she accompanies her songs with stories in Hebrew, English, French and Spanish.

Shuly Nathan accompanies herself on the guitar, as she sings Israeli songs, 
folk songs from around the world, Hassidic and Yiddish songs and songs of the Oriental Jewish community.

Her concerts last one and one-half hours. 
Her singing can also be incorporated into performances on a larger scale, 
for both personal and public events with a touch of gold.

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