Havazelet Ron
חבצלת רון 

Havazelet Ron

Havazelet Ron

Havazelet Ron

Yemenite singer, who started her carrier in Israel in 1961 and
later was famous in East Germany (DDR) in 1964 and 1965.
She sang oriental songs in Yemenite, Hebrew, Yiddish, English and German language,
which she performed in tv- and radio-shows and in several concerts.

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Update of 2013: 

Finally I found out the mystery about Havazelet Ron, when her son contacted me.
There unfortunately I learned that Havazelet sadly passed away this February.
I wish we would have been in contact before...

Some interesting facts:

After Havazelet Ron, (born as Havazelet Damari), was famous in East Germany (DDR), 
she met someone in West Germany and got married in 1968.
Before her son was born in 1969 she left the entertainment business and became a housewife. 
The young family happily lived in Mannheim (West Germany) until 1980.
Then they moved to Israel and stayed until 1984, when they went to Los Angeles (USA).
Later Havazelet Ron worked as a kindergarden teacher and enjoyed her grandchildren.

During her years in the entertainment business Havazelet recorded several vinyl records, 
performed in various tv shows and toured with a group through several countries (e.g. Bulgaria).

update 02/2014:

Original signed autograph of 1965:
Havazelet Ron - Original signed autograph of 1965

Song list of all songs by her, which I know about:

Songs, recorded in Israel, 1961:

1. Afatach Se'ari Mul Ruchot Kalili
2. Bat Ha Carmel video
3. Debka Uriah
4. Hashkini Verawa Chiki Hashkini Na
5. Ma Yafu Dodaich Achati Kala

Songs, recorded in Israel, " The music of the desert" LP, 
unknown date (Makolit LP 170):

1. El Warda
2. Dabia
3. Rengaz
4. Shabasi
5. Loz Ou Gahgah
6. Faisila
7. Madaa
8. Hobaibi
9. Toushih Alikom

Songs, recorded in East Germany (DDR):

1. Kirya Yefeyfiya (14-09-1963) video
2. Sag mir wo die Blumen sind (09-01-1964)
3. Bolero d'amour (13-02-1964)
4. Tum Balalaika (05-06-1964)
5. Einsam stand ein Mädchen am Strand (05-06-1964)
6. Haroa Haktana (05-06-1964) video
7. Shlosha Hatoulim (09-06-1964)
8. Tiyul Leili (03-07-1964)
9. Über Land und Meer (03-07-1964)
10. Hava Nagila (21-10-1964)
11. Heveynu Shalom Alechem (20-02-1965)
12. Dona Dona (20-02-1965)
13. Hava netze bemachol (20-02-1965)
14. Roeh veroah (20-02-1965)
15. Ma Yafim Haleylot (20-02-1965)
16. Im Haruach (28-05-1965)
17. A bissele Massel (28-05-1965)

Hear excerpts of some of her in Germany recorded songs 
and read German biography of her here:

Havazelet Ron with Haroa Haktana:


Original signed autograph:
Havazelet Ron - original signed autograph - original handsigniertes Autogramm


Update of 2011:
Recently I found these two articles among others about her in an Israeli newspaper archive:

Havazelet Ron
Article of 1962:
 Havazelet Ron sang in the club "Nachal Alexander" 
in a place called Michmoret in 1962.

Havazelet Ron
Article of 1960: 
Poll - What to do with Eichmann:
Havatzelet Ron, born in Aden, 17 years in Israel, is a singer: "Like a fish, fry him with pepper and salt. his actions justify and stoning."

Update of 2018:

Revue in Hungarian ("The Morning" Newspaper, April 5, 1960)

A special luck for the young singer Havazelet Ron, these days. First, a LP record of her own has just appeared in the company "Makolit", which contains about a dozen original Yemenite songs, their wording, their language and their special tone.

Second, she became the star of the successful nightclub "Omar Khayyam."

And if that were not enough, she was invited to participate in the special performance of the Hungarian band in Israel.

She is always "rolling" to immigrant language bands, and even her debut on stage was in the Romanian theater of Haim Evron, founder of the "Immigrant Theater", which did not take root, as suggested by singer Leah Deganit.


Update of 2012: 
I found out that Havazelet Ron recorded some nice songs in 1961 in Tel Aviv.
Here you can listen to one of them:


Update 01/2014: 

I learned from Havazelet's son that she recorded a LP in the early 60s or late 50s in Israel:

The Music Of The Desert - Original Yemenite - Makolit 33 1/2  L.P. 170
חבצלת רון - מנגינות מהמדבר

Havazelet Ron - Music of the Desert

Havazelet Ron - Music of the Desert


see single release of 2019!

Havazelet Ron - Loz Ou Gahgah:


Havazelet Ron - Music of the Desert

Havazelet Ron - Music of the Desert

If you have any further more info about recordings by Havazelet Ron, please contact me (connydrees (at) web.de)!

Update of 2019:

To make Havazelet's name more popular, a 7" single has been pressed 
with two of her Yemenite songs from her original LP "The music of the desert".

Original Yemenite Songs sung by Havazelet Ron, Todres Records TRS009, 2019
חבצלת רון – שירים תימניים אוריגינליים

A: El Warda
B: Loz ou Gahgah

yemanit yemenit
You can by it

Havazelet Ron - 7" single - 2019

Havazelet Ron - 7" single - 2019

Havazelet Ron - 7" single - 2019


Havazelet Ron - Kirya Yefeyfiya:


Havazelet Ron

If you have any further more info about recordings by Havazelet Ron, please contact me (connydrees (at) web.de)!

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